Smoking Cessation Service

“I love helping people change their lives by quitting smoking”  – Leila Fairbanks

Here at Holland Pharmacy we can help you quit smoking for good. Call 01255 812444.

Over the past 4 years our team led by Leila have been very successful, continually beating the NHS targets set. This also reflects on the determination of those trying to quit and the personal support we provide.

We have helped over 100 people to quit.

We are ideally placed to help you through the quitting process from advice and tips on how to break the habit and also guidance on NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) products, such as gum, patches and many more, to help you when the urge just gets too much.

One of our trained team can talk to you in our special private consultation room. We will talk about the various support and aids available and agree with you the best method for success. Your own quit plan will be agreed and we will continue to help quit smoking. It’s never too late to see health benefits from quitting and we can outline the great advantages of giving up.

Talk to us today and start to feel better, healthier and happier.

Advice from us on quitting smoking is completely free. We are happy to help in any way we can so you can quit with a successful team. Please visit us in-store or phone for further details.