Cough & Colds


Lemsip Remedies
Here at Lemsip we’ve been making cold and flu remedies for over 40 years, and now have a wide range of products to help relieve all your major cold and flu symptoms: headaches, body aches, fever, sore throat & blocked nose.

Whether you want the original Lemsip
Cold & Flu Lemon hot drink,
or an All in One cold & flu capsule,
have a browse through our product
pages to discover which remedy might
be most suited to your symptoms.

Always read the label.


SUDAFED® is the most popular decongestant brand on the market.

For over 30 years, we’ve been pioneering clinically proven, over-the-counter treatments for congestion and associated symptoms, enabling people to treat a whole spectrum of congestion symptoms without needing a prescription, from a simple blocked nose to sinus pressure and pain.

For a clearer head try SUDAFED® .


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